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Default Re: Crysis is VERY well optimized (with proof)

Originally Posted by Redeemed
It is quite evident you have not followed the developement of Crysis very well. Yerli himself has stated quite some time ago that running Crysis at the absolute highest settings will be virtually impossible on current generation hardware. They did this intentionally... why? Because that is what *PC Gaming* is all about.

You cited FarCry and your 6800 Ultra- you fail to realise one flaw about that analogy:

The top cards at the time of FarCry's release were the Radeon 9800XT and GeForceFX 5950U. NEITHER of those cards could run FarCry at high resolutions, with high AA and AF, and all in-game options maxed. Only the *next generation cards*- meaning the GF 6800s and Radeon x800s could. And even then, the 6800Ultra *could not* run FarCry with the sparse "beta" 1.4 patch that enables HDR- the game tanked. I know this cause my 6800GT @ just beyond Ultra clocks would tank. My setup at that time was an A64 3700, 1GB DDR400- more than sufficient for FarCry. Maybe dual 6800Ultras would have a chance, but not a single one.

My point: your 6800Ultra was considered "next-generation" at the time of FarCry's release- so to compare it to Crysis which is targeted at "next-generation" products while complaining about its performance on current-gen products is rather ignorant, no offense.

Do some research on the developement of Crysis and you'll see that you're grossly over-estimating the power of the 8800s. Crysis is coded nearly as efficiently as it can be when referring to it highest visual settings- no computer has the horsepower to handle that is the issue. This *is* how PC-Gaming *should* be. If you don't like it, stick to consoles.

Furthermore, I question your validity in regards to your knowledge about custom-building PCs. To this day no computer can run Oblivion at high resolutions, with high AA, and all in-game options maxed and never dip to lower FPSs. This very thing was discussed for near 50 pages in another thread here not too long ago. Yes, even the highest and most powerful of rigs are still brought to their knees by Oblivion at literaly the highest settings possible for that game. And it isn't all due to bad coding, a lot of it is that the computing power just is not there yet. Again, this is a good thing- it is what drives innovation in the PC market. If you really don't like it and can't stand it- then stick to console. And that's not intended as an insult, that is an honest suggestion as my attempt to guide you towards a hobby that will cause you the least frustration and lack of enjoyment.
lol, don't be too seriously, I'm not that kind of people that will be "frustration" or "crying" when I can't run a game smoothly, and if I like console I would have bought them long time ago, what I'm going to say is that I don't consider the "HIGH" setting as the "MAX" setting, because it is not the "Highest" one, and yes, the point is that my 8800GTX can't even run smoothly under the "HIGH" setting (in another words, not even playable), is that the game really that powerful to make my 8800gtx fall on the ground like an old man? even on the HIGH setting?

And yes I can running everything on MAX in TES4, and the game runs smoothly, it's true, but you need to set the view distance to the medium distance or lower according your system.
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