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Default Re: Could Nvidia Comment? Widescreen Aspect TV-Out Resolutions

Originally Posted by Thunderbird
Most people don't have HDTVs, that's the problem.
That is a diminishing problem. What is sold in the stores today usually is at least "hd ready".
The people who want to watch movies in widescreen are more likely to have bought an LCD or Plasma already, and the generation of TVs with widescreen CRT does not have a very long lifespan anyway (both due to generally low build quality and production defects in some CRTs).

When there is a solution that works well with VGA, DVI or HDMI (also not a troublefree area in the nvidia driver...), it will serve a majority of interested people in the coming years. Those that keep their TV for 15 years probably are not very interested in quality aspects and are usually not the first-in-line to build a media centre...
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