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Default Re: Crysis is VERY well optimized (with proof)

I can quite honestly say, I've never played a game a smooth as Crysis. Playing crysis at an average of 27fps is WAY smoother than say Stalker which I could get twice the average frame rates, yet it would stutter and stall making the whole experience feel like I was getting frame rates in the teens.

Why can't people understand that, just because you have the latest, highest performing hardware (which is already a year old) that you should be able to play at very high settings. Would anyone be bitching about performance if Crytek had made the high or very high settings equivalent to medium. Yes, the graphics wouldn't have as much of the wow factor as they do at the highest settings we get now, but IMO, even at medium, the game still looks amazing.

One other thing, games like this are the driving force in the graphics hardware industry. If all devs made games that would play at highest levels of detail with AA and High res there would be no need for nvidia or AMD to push out higher performing parts. I just see Crytek pushing the boundaries a bit further than most developers, and I for one, salute them for it.

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