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Default Re: Crysis is VERY well optimized (with proof)

Originally Posted by Madpistol
Are you running on a Pentium D? My E6600 runs Crysis very smoothly on high settings. Heck, I've played through 90% of the game with the "Ultra high" settings enabled, and I haven't had one complaint about it yet. The game is drop dead gorgeous. Even though I'm getting between 10-20 fps, the game has been totally playable from start to finish. Seriously, if your system is tanking on the high setting with an 8800 GTX, something is wrong.

Like others have said, I do consider 23 fps playable because Crysis is so freakin smooth. I've never played a new game that runs this smoothly from the beginning of its existance. It's so aparent that the programmers at Crytek have put so many man hours into making this game a classic, and they've done it. I wish Call of Duty ran this smoothly @ 45-60fps, but it doesn't. It honestly feels like I'm playing this game on a highend console because the game runs so smoothly. It DOESN'T feel like I'm playing this game on a Media Center PC with 250GB of other programs installed, all of them competing for processing power. For that reason, I absolutely adore this game.
Nope, I'm using the same CPU as yours, and OCed it to 3.2Ghz, but still can't run the game smoothly under HIGH settings, don't tell me it is because that vista and DX10 sucks, I don't want to waste a lot of time to format my PC again lol, moreover, I installed 4GB of ram because Vista.
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