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Default Re: Crysis is VERY well optimized (with proof)

Considering the demands the game makes on my system, I'm actually amazed at how stable the game is. I don't think it has crashed once. When it occasionally freezes, it only takes a few seconds for it to unfreeze and continue as normal, unlike Oblivion which crashes nearly every time I play (despite very good frame rates).

But stability aside, and even if it is already well optimised, I think people know there is room for more optimisation (partly because Crytek and Nvidia have themselves made comments to that effect), particularly for those of us who aren't seeing any benefit from our SLi set-up.

I'm not particularly interested in playing the game at low settings. At low, to some extent, medium, it is not the Crysis that was marketed to us. At low settings it looks worse than far cry and definitely worse than modern competitors, at medium it looks somewhat better than far cry but not groundbreakingly (bear in mind that Far Cry is 3.5 years old now). And unless you can use a resolution above 1280 x 1024, the detailed scenes look horribly jaggy even with AA; and 800 x 600 is out of the question.

So yes, if Crytek and Nvidia think there's room for further optimisation then I look forward to it.
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