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Default Re: Crysis is VERY well optimized (with proof)

i wanna make this clear i am not bashing Crysis just so everyone knows.

Now i read a review earlier today and the guy had a machine 2 years old and he barley could run the game where he has no problems wiht other games.

So i donīt know if Crysis is well or not well optimized i know i can run it with almost everything on very high (XP tweak) and a tweak CFG file.

i run it at 17-20+FPs and as long as it stays over 17fps it is somewhat smooth and this is with AA enabled and it is IMO playable on my rig.

So sure Crysis has some graphics never seen and physics but under all that it is merely a shooter like Far Cry COD 4 FEAR and so on

but with all in all Crysis is in a league of itīs own.
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