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Default Re: Crysis is VERY well optimized (with proof)

Originally Posted by asd
lol, don't be too seriously, I'm not that kind of people that will be "frustration" or "crying" when I can't run a game smoothly, and if I like console I would have bought them long time ago, what I'm going to say is that I don't consider the "HIGH" setting as the "MAX" setting, because it is not the "Highest" one, and yes, the point is that my 8800GTX can't even run smoothly under the "HIGH" setting (in another words, not even playable), is that the game really that powerful to make my 8800gtx fall on the ground like an old man? even on the HIGH setting?

And yes I can running everything on MAX in TES4, and the game runs smoothly, it's true, but you need to set the view distance to the medium distance or lower according your system.
Hence, in TES4, you *do not* have every in-game options maxed. If you literally ran the game at the highest settings possible (2560x1600, 16xQ AA, 16xAF, GCAA, TMSAA, and 100% all in-game options at their absolute highest settings) it will tank even the fastest of today's computers.

As for your rig, something is wrong. I can play Crysis at 1280x800 (my monitors native res is 1680x1050, but if I keep to the 16:10 aspect ratio lower resolutions look fine) with 4xAA, 16xAF, and all in-game options set to "High" and it never dips below 20fps. It remains *very* playable. So something is definitely wrong with your setup...
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