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Default Re: Crysis....why all the hype......

Originally Posted by Crysis Posse
Originally Posted by Madpistol
So... I flatly proved to you that Crysis runs good on most systems, and your rebuttle is "You're a bunch of children. You're all stupid. I'm teh Uber man! You cannot compare to me."

FYI, the first level is beautiful, and it's easily accessible because it's the level in the demo as well, which means anyone can play it

Originally Posted by TrixteH
I R Teh Nub
Originally Posted by Hoopla
Hey dude, why don't you go find a different forum where people hate Crysis. Maybe there are other idiots out there for you to mingle with.

Originally Posted by Gaco
It didn't occur to you that people don't want to spoil all of the plot for other people? And I thought the indoor environments and cutscenes on the hangar level was pretty darn impressive.

Maximum Troll indeed...
Originally Posted by evox
Maximum Troll
Originally Posted by Madpistol
Please post some screenshots of a game that looks better... I beg you.
Maximum Troll indeed.
That's what you sound like.

I aint the one throwing insults around just because someone has a different opinion, my argument has always been that Crysis has nothing more to offer after the first couple of glorious levels. For stating that i get abuse from you and all the other Crysis posse because i have a different opinion.

My opinion is just that, i ask other people on why they think Crysis is sooooo great and if in there opinion does it live upto the hype surrounding it. All i get is replys stating "but the graphics, but the graphics, but the graphics" I dont give a toss on wether a game has the best graphics in the world or not, i want the gameplay to go with it and so far there has not been one person on this forum that can explain why we will be playing Crysis 12 months from now, except again...because the graphics will be better.

I played Crysis through on high settings and it performed very well on my machine, it's performance has never been an issue for me, although if it was better optimised at high settings for todays machines it wouldnt hurt.

And yes the debate has become a playground argument because some people just cannot be civil. I won't bother posting in the Crysis sub-forum anymore as the Crysis posse only want to hear positive feedback and anything other than that gets branded a forum troll.

Ok thanks for your intellect.....
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