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Default Re: Could Nvidia Comment? Widescreen Aspect TV-Out Resolutions

Originally Posted by pe1chl
The correct behaviour would be to offer a virtual resolution with a widescreen aspect ratio, then scale that resolution to 720x576 in the video encoder ...
I think is the best and only solution that should be considered. That way you dont have to worry about applications that dont support scaling (eg. photo galleries which distort photos at the moment, etc).

Originally Posted by pe1chl
... Then you bypass the tv-out chip with all its silly limitations and useless functionality.
I agree. Although I'm a bit disgruntled at having bought a GPU advertised with HDTV output .. only to find out it doesnt support 50Hz and nvidia has ignored posts for at least the last 3 years from customers asking this question. So I agree, I think it would be better for the tv encoder to be dropped completely than to have a dodgy attempt with partial support in there.

On the other-hand I would love for my 50Hz HD-CRT to work. I think there is still a bit of market for this as I know several people who prefer the picture quality of CRTs .. so I was going to investigate finding a tv encoder datasheet, etc. and try and engineer it myself, but i havent had time for the past year so i'll be looking at nouveau now .. thanks for pointing to this project!
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