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Default Re: Crysis is VERY well optimized (with proof)

Originally Posted by Madpistol
Now you tell me to play a game like TF2 or Call of Duty 4 at 15-20 fps, I'll laugh in your face.
That would be a horrible experience just as playing Crysis at 15-20fps would also be a horrible experience. I understand that crysis is smoother than most other games at lower fps but Im sorry, I have to draw the line somewhere and the minimum is 30fps for me in crysis. I just do not understand how you guys are cool with 15-20fps in a first person shooter but if it doesnt bother you then more power to ya.

I was actually able to play the demo very well on my rig at 1680X1050 using Vista 64 with the DX9 path with most options on high and a few on very high with the ini tweaks. Minimum fps for me was 32 and that was during heavy firefights and when wondering around in the jungle it was anywhere from 40 to as high as 50fps.

This was with no aa or af though but the game really doesnt need it to great.
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