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Default CryEngine Citymap in the making

Quote from the author:

well , i am going to make every building / houses enterable , and furnished , and alive , so you can just barge in people's appartment , i have so much ideas in mind .

and like i said my lack of SB2 knowledge limits me alot , i cant wait for more documentation .

thanks again crytek , this tool is a miracle , it makes the hype lives forever .

if all goes well , for example , you be entering a randon appartment , bashing the door of course , its empty , you hear the tv , its on , you can explore the realisticaly furnished home , hearing the traffic , city noise outside , random loud music coming from cars , you hear the rain against the window , like i said , im a music producer , this is too important for me it brings the realism , im aiming for a really atmospheric experience , combined with some insane gameplay like for example a gunfight in the hall , you run and jump through the window at the 50th floor so you gotta parachute . or gettin some backalley muggin hahahahaha

Found here:

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