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Default Re: Crysis is VERY well optimized (with proof)

For me Crysis is smooth in the 25FPS range, less then 20 it is choppy for me. DX10 stalls out or crashes, DX9 is fine. Amazing graphics, wish I could use AA, using AA tanks the game to a slide show. Still getting high 20's at 1920x1200 with everything on high except shadows and post processing makes the game fun and very impressive.

Played FarCry 3 times, once on 9700Pro, once on 6800GT and once on my GTX. Each time I could up the graphics, with GTX it was 1920x1200, everything maxed, 16x AA 16xAF and it was beautiful. Crysis blows Farcry out of the water with my current settings. Next generation I will play again and probably after that. So very much agreed, this game will last awhile and get played a number of times.
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