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Default Re: Cisco Suggestions

Originally Posted by evilchris
No on 2610. One ethernet port sucks for learning. You want to have 2 FE ports.

I cannot stress this enough to you:

Cisco Press books
Actual Cisco hardware
Highest ram/flash available per model. Newest IOS code has high requirements. I'd go min 32 flash 64 ram.

With 10 years experience and a CCIE R&S certification you can trust me.
Thanks man. I looked at some of the official Cisco books and the CCNA book was exactly like the one I already have. I really wanna get the real equipment so I'm looking into that. I found a brand new 2950 24-port switch on ebay for $250 so I'm thinking about getting that and then getting a router down the road a little bit.
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