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Default Weird problem with RPM

Hi, Im a newbie to Linux and was trying to install the drivers for geforce2 mx.
When I was running the package (rpm -ivh NVIDIA_kernel.whatever.rpm) I received an error message at the end. (I dont really remember what kind of error it was but it couldnt insmod the nvidia driver.)
Anyway, here comes the weird part.....when I try to uninstal/erase the package (rpm -e NVIDIA_kernel.whatever) I get the reply that the package isnt installed. But when I try to install it again, Im told it is already installed. Now what is it??? Installed or not.
When I run rpm -q NVIDIA* , Im told none of the packages are installed....
Has anyone else been through this? Or is this normal? I was using the newest packages so the old bug Ive heard of shouldnt be the problem.....
Ill write another post about the error I got later...have to check it out again..
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