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Default Re: Crysis was released too early

Originally Posted by Stoneyguy
What character doesn't belong:

Neo Haxors teH Matrix
Luke cripples Deathstar
Master Chief stops the Flood
Nomad.... destroys alien mothership crippling alien forces, credits roll....
There was plenty of closure; it just wasn't what we wanted. The game did have a proper ending and was one hell of a cliff hanger but yes, nomad was responsible for destroying a critical element of the alien forces. Are there more of those ships? no way to know for sure... I'd think not though as that would sort of ruin the allure of destroying the first one.

The huge question I have is where all those flying aliens were going. When teh lightning flashed, you could see thousands of them up in the sky flying off to who knows where. Is it our job to go get prophet and then leave the island and go fight aliens in the 2 remaining games? Are we going to be required to go totally eradicate the rest of the alien base in the mountain?

We don't know but not having closure at the end of the first game is false IMO.
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