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Thumbs up Sony KDS-60A3000 - the perfect TV?

Just wanted to let people know that the LCOS-based Sony KDS-60A3000 I just picked up seems to be the perfect TV. I am VERY picky about TVs and generally find every flaw whether its a corner slightly out of focus, a side that is slightly misconverged, or geometry that is slightly bowed.

With this TV, I can find nothing. It is like the perfect TV so far (had it for 3 weeks). And the picture is drop dead gorgeous. This is the best TV I've ever owned (far better than other Sony's I've owned, too). It even has true 1080p24 output since it displays at 120hz and it does flawless inverse telecine on 1080i sources as well to deinterlace them to perfect 1080p! So, if you want a TV to watch HDTV, 360, HD DVD, whatever, seriously consider this TV. It also comes in 50" and 55" sizes and from looking at AVSFORUM it has the least reliability problems of these types of sets.

This is the first set I'm thinking of getting the 4yr extended warranty for because I can't imagine myself liking anything better - and thats pretty amazing!
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