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Default ubuntu 7.xx w/Quadro 4 980 drivers no SMP

Hello, I'm pretty new to linux and am trying to get my system working properly with my hardware. I have an IBM Z-pro box with 2x 2.66mhz Xeon cpus, nVidia "Quadro 4 980 XGL" video card, 1.5mb ram, ubuntu 7.10 upgraded from 7.04.

Booting to the 2.6.22-14-386 version, the restricted modules detect the nvidia driver, glx controls, all seem to work properly. My monitor is detected as plug and play, and the screen resolution etc. controls all work properly. However, I have only one processor detected and working.

Booting to the 2.6.22-14-generic version, I have to manualy set the screen resolution and fool around with the screen settings to get a desktop, no glx support, driver is disabled in the restricted module, however I have both processors detected and in use.

I tried several proposed solutions in 7.04 to get full functionality, including running the "" installer, all without success.

Is this problem related to something I read that a 64 bit kernel is incompatible with the 32 bit nvidia drivers? As far as I know, the only SMP support is through the generic kernel, there is no specification that I can find that says that this is a 64 bit kernel.

Any thoughts on a solution this appreciated.
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