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Default Top Tactics

I just played throught the demo for the fiftieth time and it was no less fun than the first, as such I thought I'd post a few of my favourite tactics for whupping the koreans...

1. The most effective and fun way of destroy the humvees is to drive flat out into them with another pick-up, using maximum boost, then jumping out just before collision, KABLOOE!

Also there are a few stone ramps that you can launch off so your car smashes through the bases!

2. The tranquiliser darts are way more useful than I initially thought, one shot knockout. I usually strength punch them when they're spleeping

3. Throwing explosive barrels has become my area of expertise, it's particularly nice when you throw them up in the air and shoot them just before they touch down on the enemy!

Anyway, what favourite tactics do you guys use?
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