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Default Re: Where do you get SCAR ammo?

Originally Posted by sillyeagle
I keep reading that the SCAR is supposed to be your main weapon, but I have not been able to use it so far due to the fact I cannot find any ammo for it. I'm at the excatvation site right now, and have had to use the North Korean rifle pretty much the whole time, except the beggining. Am I missing something here?

No you are not missing anything,ammo for that weapon is very VERY scarce in comparison to most of the others.I also hated that you could not dump the pistols and grab an extra rifle,etc....


The pistols are near useless.Especially when you start to run into the tougher enemies after mission one and two (with full heavy body armor)
Not to mention nano suits of there own !! and better weapons then you have,and the damn aliens themselves that make the KPA look like romper
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