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Default Re: *** Official Retail Crysis Review Thread ***

FastRedPonyCar,that was an excellent review.

Sums up my feeling well.I would only add that the pistols are near useless and that they dont give you enough ammo for the SCAR,after mission one.


I constantly found myself wishing that I could ditch the pistols and grab another gun in thier place.Tanks did not seem to take much damage,unless of course they were being driven by the enemy,then they take all sorts of extra damage,and seemingly NEVER ran out of shells and rockets to lob your way.That bugged the **** out of me.

The Helo's ability to track you no matter what,wasnt so much a bother to me... But the enemy tanks unlimited ammo did/does I wanted to kill the Admiral on the aircraft carrier before,during and after the 'launch' What a ****ing idiot he was !

The result of his decision was FAR too easy to predict.Oh,and 'protecting Prophet' was somewhat annoying.

I'd give Crysis a 9 out of 10. I gave Bioshock a 9.8 put of 10 in comparison.
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