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Default Re: Unreal Tournament 3 Feedback Thread

Originally Posted by mullet
Just installed the game runs really smooth but man and I just bumbed out I don't even know what to say, its so dark. I thought I would never say this about epic but they consoled the living s**t out of this game.
Agreed,it runs really smooth but some places the textures look like complete crap.Its just a shame ,i bought the limited edition version and in the behind the scenes movie EVERY damn thing is taken from PS3 developement,modelling,texturing,playtesting.It suffers from a severe case of consoleitis.The pc versions seems like more of an afterthought and even after the first patch its buggy as hell,like you cant run a dedicated insta-server and having it show up in the browser etc etc.But overall the game feels nice to play,much like the original game but what the hell were you thinking Epic when you gave us the ultra low-res PS3 textures,they really should have put some more effort into the PC version.I dont think they should have gone the crysis route and made it so detailed that you averaged 25 fps but come on ,this looks more like the -99 edition than 2007 at some places

Fugly(highest texture detail)

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