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Default Re: Blu-Ray Disc Association sinks to new low with childish YouTube attack ads!

Originally Posted by Mr. Hunt
Makes sense... I mean... DVDs aren't selling anymore and HD-DVD has clearly become the new format of choice.
DVD's aren't selling anymore? LOL! Wow . . . that's hilarious.

I sold my HD-DVD player last year just because adopting to a new format like that is a little crazy, especially since both formats are still kicking today. I'm waiting it out for another year or two to buy another HD format player, therefore I'm still buying DVDs. Maybe I'm the only one.

I wanna say that HD-DVD will win, but Blu-Ray has the better library of movies hands down. I wish they would just make ONE FREAKIN FORMAT!!!! Plus if BR wins, there will hopefully be a standalone player for <$200. Electronic Express had the Sony BR player for $199 yesterday.
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