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Default Re: Unreal Tournament 3 Feedback Thread

Originally Posted by SeriTonin
Learn to deal with it, one of the last decent pc developers sold out like the rest.

I like how fast that ut3 patch drops, yet, still not even an acknowledgment of the bugs in gears, let alone a patch.

I went from loving epic to starting a consumer class action against them for gears. Go figure.
Thats a bit drastic and ott for me but they could have done the same for this game as they did for Gow pc,add some higher res textures.Gow still runs smooth and compare the bumpmapped bricks covered in running water from the gow factory level to any bricked surface in UT3 and the difference is huge.The browser still sucks,there's no options for mutator filtering and if i choose instagib my dedicated server wont show up in the broswer (it will with normal weapons) It just reeks of unfinished buggyness,the dedicated linux server is also needed,as it is we cant start playing it in the clan im in unless we rent a winserver (wich we wont).
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