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Default Re: Blu-Ray Disc Association sinks to new low with childish YouTube attack ads!

Originally Posted by Gaco
I still can't decide format.. it's killing me

Both sides have good sales numbers and arguments on their side. I wish I could timetravel then go back
HD-DVD man, its a done deal. BR players will not go below 400.00 and HD-DVD players are 99.00 to 199.00. Once there is enough HD-DVD players on the market I think some movie developers will sell to both crowds or just move over, IF they feel they are loosing sales because of it. Hell read the post I made from sony's CEO it pretty much says it all.

"It isn't the cheaper format, but it is the better format," Stringer said. He added that while HD DVD might have made inroads with price cuts on both hardware and software, Blu-ray hardware prices probably won't sink much below $400.
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