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Default Re: Blu-Ray Disc Association sinks to new low with childish YouTube attack ads!

Originally Posted by mullet
HD-DVD man, its a done deal. BR players will not go below 400.00 and HD-DVD players are 99.00 to 199.00. Once there is enough HD-DVD players on the market I think some movie developers will sell to both crowds or just move over, IF they feel they are loosing sales because of it. Hell read the post I made from sony's CEO it pretty much says it all.
It's just alarming to me that Blockbuster in Denmark is selling Blueray exclusively in their store (although both HD DVD and Bluray in their online store) and one of the biggest electronic chains in DK, Fona, is currently selling Bluray only as well. Also another big movie/music chain in Denmark, Axel Music, is reporting 80/20% sales on bluray/hd dvd relatively in their online shop. I know that in the long run the decisive battle will be fought in the US, but it's just a bit counter intuitive for me to go against the stream like that. Anyway I've read quite a bit about both HD DVD and Bluray in the past couple of days and while I have no emotional attachment towards either format, I must say that I favor HD DVD, not least because of the exclusive release of Heroes Season 1. I want to buy the high acclaimed BBC documentary "Planet Earth" for my dad as well, but it's both on Bluray and HD DVD, and I wouldn't want to cause him to buy the losing format whatever that'd be =(
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