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Default Re: My coolit eliminator experience

Originally Posted by DarthBeavis
Cost/benefit dude. No need for hate. If it worked then I would be all for it. The fact is there is ambient and below ambient. You can make an effective pelt system but to do so you need more than a single 120 mm fan rad to dissipate the heat. You also need a potent PSU to power the pelt which is why a serious pelt-based system will have a separate PSU for the pelt (like a Meanwell PSU). You need a beefy pelt to pull enough heat off a quad core. As I said a decent straight watercooling system will do as much or more than the CoolIt systems and will cost you the same or less and are more straighforward. You can get a custom-built phase unit for 400-500 bucks if you ask around . . .

Say what you want but refute with facts. I have pelts, I have watercooling, and I have a phase change unit. I also am part of one of the world record setting overclocking groups with tons of expertise in extreme cooling . . .so I have pretty good access to info. If the CoolIT works for you that is great. . .I think you can do better. One thing to think about is doing waterchilling. If you go below ambient you need to take measures against condensation . . .but the rewards are worth it. . .
The problem is not everybody has the money to put down on such a setup. I have an income of just over $14k a year. Can you imagine how long I have to save just to afford each new upgrade? It'd take sooooo much longer if I went with the extreme cooling options you mentioned. I can have the Eliminator delivered for *just* over $200. To get a decent WC setup I'd be spending atleast $100 more. I *have* priced them, and I *have* strongly considered them. For right now they're just out of my price range.

Furthermore, I'm seeing many people getting near the same overclocks you guys are (over 3.5GHz) stable while not breaching 30*C- how is that bad? For only $200, if I hear many more reviews from actual users like this I'll be all over the Eliminator.

And don't get me wrong, when I start bringing in more money and can afford it I'll be going with a fully custom WC setup. Right now it is just beyond my capabilities financialy.
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