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Default Re: My coolit eliminator experience

Originally Posted by mythy
What?!?! The Eliminator Cant take a quad to 3.5GHz and maintain 30C no way in hell. Maybe maintain 50C if there room temp is around 70. My eliminator was only able to maintain 52C at 3.4GHz and that was with its fan on high and its quite noisy like that
Originally Posted by verboten
At stock speeds, this is my fear. As long as I stick to my overclock, I should be fine. All my temp readings are from either Coretemp or Everest.

If the Eliminator can do that for the Q6600, then I see no reason why I couldn't OC my Opty to atleast 3Ghz while not breaching 40*C under load. And for my E6600 I should be able to do atleast 3.4 I'd imagine while not breaching 40*C.
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