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Default Re: My coolit eliminator experience

Originally Posted by methimpikehoses
What's with the decorative mobo?

oh that old thing its just a Abit QuadGT P965 mother board. Nothing special or any thing Actually it was sold to a member here and its been over 2 weeks and still no money order After the first couple of days he PM'ed me and said he had yet to mail it and it would be out on Monday 2 weeks ago. If he falls threw as a buyer then its going back in my PC and a 680i A1 will be in its place up top

*Maybe even for sale who knows


I am wondering why you droped the multi and reduced the ram just to link it? While you gained a bit of write speed you killed your read and hurt the copy and really have piss poor latency. Not sure if its all a result of the sync or not but maybe you could try to reduce the FSB raise the multi and up that ram a bit


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