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Default Re: HD DVD vs. Bluray - what's the staus?

Originally Posted by gmontem
Noticed your forum title... you should slap some TF2 Red and Blu team logos on the boxes, too.
Hehe I would if it weren't for the fact that he isn't much of a gamer so he wouldn't understand

Originally Posted by Lyme
Keep the receipts, just incase.
Oh I will, I'm not that evil!
I'll either buy him a couple of HD DVD's or an HD DVD and a Bluray disk then let him decide if he wants to exchange one of them for the other format or perhaps both for a credit voucher - his choice totally. Though I'm sure he can't resist the HD glory if he first gets his hands on them

Thanks again to everyone for their input, especially wolfgar for that especially lengty one

I've been researching myself a whole lot since the inception of this thread and I must say that where I was neutral before I now give a slight nod towards HD DVD for several reasons; first I have a fundamantal trust issue with a sony-developed-and proprietary format because of their history of failure (Betamax and UMD comes into mind). Secondly I somehow feel that HD DVD is a more 'stable' and well thought through format from the beginning that isn't overly expensive to manufacture and doesn't throw new features in every HD DVD player every year that you can't take advantage of as an early adopter until they finally end up with something that they're happy with - in comparison Bluray seems a bit more like a luxury and technological adventure that is impressive but expensive and in lack of reliable standards and seems to me to have a more uncertain future in spite of the current sales situation and PS3 push. Thirdly I also sense that the the studios can sense this themselfs and none seem to be speaking any less of the HD DVD in spite of it's few and slight shortcoming on the tech papers and a few even seem to be slowly going from BD-exclusive to hybrid. I mean we don't see a tendancy of HD DVD supporters going over to Bluray because there's no reason to; they are surprisingly not under as much pressure as you might initially think (though they are undeniably in fierce competition with BD of course). Fourth it does mean a lot to me that Heroes Season 1 is coming to HD DVD exclusively right here and right now from Universal Pictures - I really want to give my father this experience in HD as I found this to be one of the most entertaining TV series for years. And finally HD DVD seems more affordable for everyone which is very important in the end, and also for me if I am to give my dad some HD movies for chrismas and giving him an affordable option to play them too by a X360 HD DVD drive, at least until he eventually buys a highend stanalone HD DVD player if he does.

Of coruse any big news between now and the next few weeks where I must purchase all this stuff may change my stance, but this is my personal preferance for now - willing to accept either format for whichever comes out on top in the end, but right now leaning slightly towards HD DVD. If this stalemate continues for another year, I'm sure my dad will go both formats especially if a highend combi comes out and all worries will be solved. And naturally if 24, Prison Break, Lost and other must have's are not coming to HD DVD in a near future (couple of years) I have to go multiformat in any case.

I now have a question though. How serious an issue is it that the Xbox360 Premium, which I have, lacks HDMI? The thing I'm most inclined to do right now is drop the "giving my dad both an HD/BD movie for xmas" and instead give him BBC's Planet Earth and Heroes Season 1 on HD DVD instead + a standalone HD DVD player + 5 free HD DVD movies offer (would go for Children of Men, Serinity, The Prestige, Troy and World Trade Center or something like that) for my Xbox360 which is currently at his play and in if I go through with this I'd let it stay there indefinetely. However I am a bit worried about the connection possibilties. We have tried to get the component working properly, but the sound would never work. The solution we found was to plug the analog composite stereo soundjacks into the SCART adaptor and use the sound that way. I also have a VGA cable for it but I have yet to ask him his HDTV/Box supports that. What do you think? I'm NOT buying an Xbox360 Elite
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