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Default Re: My coolit eliminator experience

Originally Posted by mythy
Hes at 3.2 not 3.6 I suggest you look at that screen shot some more

The reason the Eliminator isn't recommended for quads is because of its limited heat dissipation. When there isn't a thermal load it can dissipate the heat and cool the water threw its 3 techs much easier then at load. Over time under load the heat exchanger gets to hot to cool the tecs and your temps start to rise. But hey no need to listen to me its not like I have one siting on my desk or anything!


That screeny of his is a bit misleading...

Regardless, if it can cool a Q6600 at 3.2GHz, then imagine what it could do for my Opty. I doubt an Ultra 120 would cool it nearly as well.
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