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Default Re: 169.04 drivers and Xorg ABI = 3.0

I think there may be a little confusion about versions here. xserver version 1.4 (which was included in the 7.3 release) has an ABI version of 2.x, which is supported. The unsupported ABI is only in the git master branch of the X server, and has not yet made it into any official releases. The Rawhide packages, despite having 1.4.x version numbers, are actually built from the development branch that will eventually become xserver 1.5, and are not endorsed or supported by the Foundation. Please see for the official X server releases. While NVIDIA can't promise that we'll support every official server release right away, we strive to support the official releases (the ones without .99 in their versions) as soon as possible.

Before an official release comes out, the ABI is a moving target so we can't mark it as supported until then. That's why some releases have partial support for bleeding-edge ABIs (e.g. the fact that 169.04 loads at all with -ignoreABI on ABI 3.0).

Hope that clears things up a bit!
-- Aaron
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