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Default Re: I am getting so tired of pests online

./yawn Speaking of what can happen in 5 mans. So I'm in SM lib on a shamy alt (lvl 34 when it began, 35 about half through), and we had a couple were tanking was out. The hunter was taking his own mob on pet, then the lock decided to be a lock tank beside. So we had like 4 or 5 mobs comming at a time, and druid tanking trying to keep it all in line. In the midst of this, a dif druid (in guild) but who also had like +45 heals at lvl 32 (not much but probably not bad at that lvl) by the end showed up taking 2nd top damage on the damage taken meter, with this lock not much behind. Even odder then that, OK at the top it made sense with the druid I mentioned taking top place on the healing list, my shamy was 2nd (mostly with the healing stream totem), but the lock fell not far below me, and over 20%. Keep in mind, locks can only bandage, or perhaps he can have heal stones then also. Eitehr way, none were given out, nor any soul stones put on anyone.

So we get toward the end boss, and when the tanking druid goes to take the 3 mobs on 1 side of the room, and advises everyone, the lock up and decides to send his void walker in the middle. Next thing you know, the entire instance is pulled on us there, and wipe. No soul stone, I couldn't reincarnate, and running back, all the respawns. The tank decided it was time to go, either because he had to, or had enough and just didn't want to continue (dunno).

What is up with some doing this? If you're a lock, your not supposed to pull instances, fear mobs into other mobs, decide when the tank is on some mobs "oh I think I can take every other one". He'd then also fear, or pull mobs off the tank, as well as off me and anyone else who was trying to melee at least to some degree. Then there were times I had to tell people to wait, on account this other druid had no mana/couldn't heal. And there was 1 time I was oom (not an easy feet as an enhancement spec, mostly due to mana pool size considerations at lower lvl, with about 2.4k mana, which I guess is OK for lvl 35). When things were done, and no other tank, the resto druid was telling me "I don't know about him, but that lock did that on my last run also, he pulled everything, on people".

Oh, and speaking of things, early in the week I had some lvl 2 Draenie warrior just come up to me in SW, and with absolutely no words at all, give me random party invite. Given what's happened since the patch where 10 day trial accounts were restricted from /w, many of these hosting these WoW gold sites have resorted to creating bots that do a party invite from some random low lvl. Then upon acceptance, start spamming "mount financing and lvling services, visit, blah, blah, blah"."

I comment about this with a "I don't give invites to spam bots" or something of the sort. At which point, it's like (OK so turns out not a bot, but exactly how I was approached) "I'm not a bot, see I speak English". Well technically that could be scripted, but umm... I'm on a lvl 70 hunter getting random invite from a lvl 2 Draenie which got to SW. It's not like I played with the thing; and beside the last time I was on a lvl 1 and accepted an invite from a lvl 1 in a n00b zone figuring (well, I'm that lvl too, I don't need help here, but I'll be accomodating); WoW gold spam is exactly what I got. My own danged fault for not expecting it'd be more of the same.

So it's like, well if you're not a spammer, then you're probably a begger Lets be honest, I don't care to give gold, instance runs, or I've even had some ask me to rush them through the whole game, to someone I don't know. And this, when there's no introduction, no word, no nothing said before hand; until I voice my suspiscion of a bot.

At which point, it's like "I hate you" is the response I get. And tbh, given the number of beggers who have first asked for gold, and either told me I'm a meanie, "how dare you not give me anything", or "I hate you" as a reply I can't help but to laugh. It's like "umm, you're a complete stranger, sitting on a character, in a computer generated environment. Why would I care?"

The only reply I get is "lies " Umm how so? Some level 2, which managed to either get a portal to SW, or walk from Azuremyst Isle, through Exodar, took boats to Menethal, and walk up to IF, to then take tram to SW, has likely not really played with anyone. How would anyone notice this? I'm half mentioning the absurdity of this, half laughing, and half finding this a tad annoying.

Course, now in retrospect, there is only one other possibility. Given how Gilthanas approached me when we last saw each other, on some alt I didn't recognize, if he.... But umm, that just wouldn't make sense. An alt that one only said "this is another one of my alts, but I don't really play him anymore" some 5 months earlier, would be requiring one to have like "perfect recall" or an infallible memory. A lvl 2 alt, just created would go so far beyond, as to require one to either be psychic, a mind reader, or just "know things" out of the blue, with no prompting, nothing presented to the 5 physical senses, at any time past or present to go on.

As much as I'd like to see him again, I'd like to think he has enough of a sense of such things; to recognize that we each have our own individual minds and sense organs, and to not assume that I'd just magically recognize a new character, that never existed before, without a word given. Which would leave things just as they had appeared. Some random lvl 2, wanting stuff from lvl 70s they don't even know; because some always want a 70 to do or give everything for/to them.
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