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Default Re: Cevat Yerli Sucks as a Game director?

Originally Posted by MowTin
**Warning: RANT**

Cevat Yeril sucks as a game director. Far Cry could have EASILY been the best FPS of all time but he watered down the game by forcing you indoors with mindless Trigens. After all the complaints and reviews which all said the same thing, "this game would be so much better without the Trigens and indoors gameplay" he does it again.

Crysis is TWO COMPLETELY DIFFERENT GAMES. The first game is about attacking or sneaking into heavily guarded bases. You can blow up houses. Jump on rooftops. Steal vehicles and run people over. Grenades are blowing up with battle dust and beatiful sun rays all around you. You have awesome jungle fights. You can choke people and throw them at other enemies. You have so many different ways of attacking the enemy.

In the second half--no more sneaking and cloaking--no grenades-no blowing up houses--no jungle fights--no cloaking--you can't grab or choke the aliens--no bases to sneak into--NO FREEDOM.

In the second half, many times I tried to get into a Jeep but couldn't. I couldn't get into the forklifts. I couldn't fire the TAC unless directed.

The TAC needs to "lock on." You would think that if it's not locked on it would fire without any guidance ability but no. It just won't fire. A very low point in the game.

I still really love this game but I'm so pissed off that they went and made the exact same mistake as they did in FarCry. These are some basic game design mistakes. You don't completely change the gamplay midway through the game. I'm no game designer/director but even I know that.

And that's why Cevat Yerli sucks as a game director. (They should hire me )
I completely agree with you.
Same feeling as FarCry. Nice outdoor environment first half, woozy alien diving/mazing second half.
The game is fun but getting repetitive near the end of second half.
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