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Default Re: Cevat Yerli Sucks as a Game director?

This game sucks because some idiot decided that the guards should see the dead bodies that you cannot move into the bushes. Yes the guards sometimes do come across a dead soldier and alarm the base, and other times you can shoot their partner next to them, and they just continue on as normal. So much for smart AI, seems pretty retarded to me.

Like I said whatever idiot decided that bodies shouldn't be interacted with ruined a good game, and Germany's law can blow me... Thats a stupid law, and a good way to remedy that is to MOVE from the country to another. Early games like Splinter Cell, and Hitman all had the ability to interact with the bodies. The whole drowning thing is pretty idiotic to... thats what turns me off to even wanting to play this game. The whole game revolves around Water, Sneaking, and lush environments. Yet they drown, and are act idiotic many times they even get stuck in a continuous loop. I saw one group attempt to turn around, and they failed to make the turn so instead of backing up they continue to floor the vehicle into the guard rail not going anywhere... and you can simply shoot the gas can on the back and blow them up.

As for being hard to please some of these games are unacceptable.. I mean graphics isn't everything. BF2 has hours of enjoyment if EA could just go back and fix the bugs. BFV to me was a pretty good game, it was a classic.. I enjoyed it.. BF1942 great game, hardly any bugs with it even when it came out. Theres a lot of games to compare to the crap we get today out of the box whats foul is 99.9% of the time the developers release these buggy games, and fail to listen to anyone but the whiners.. They don't listen to the smart ones who will give an opinion on every aspect of the game. We are still waiting for that J-10 in BF2 to be balanced, and the reason it got that way was because EA listened to the cry babies over the poor AA, the ones who wanted to jump into an AA gun and fire three shots and kill a chopper.. Now the AA is perfect ( I can avoid it) with pin point accuracy and the problem is that now any idiot can use it, rather then it requiring skill, and that also took away the balance between the planes seeing as they use AA missiles on them as well. Sorry for ranting off.

In Crysis MP buy AA and fire it once? You explode into pieces killing yourself. The VTOL is over powered, and the people abuse the nuke system.. The helicopters + VTOL are controlled backwards theres no separate invert mouse.. These are small things we expect to see..
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