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Originally Posted by blueworm
Unfortunately your card is fine, you have two problems.

-Bad air flow in your case.
-No fan control drivers just like everyone else.

Here is a workaround for both, either will solve your problem.

-Remove case side panel.
-Nvclock cvs works for fan control much in the same way as rivatuner does in windows.

But nvidia really need to address this problem with proper and automatic adjustment in their own drivers.
Even with the side panel removed it reaches those temps at 29% fan speed...
Auto fan control is completely broken in windows too. I really don't think you should have to use 3rd party apps to fix a 1st party problem, if you know what I mean. I've since put my old card back in and am contemplating getting a refund for this one....there seems to be a disproportionately high amount of issues with this card after reading around a bit...
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