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Default Re: I am getting so tired of pests online

Pests are as pests are, and no I wouldn't want a live in nag, erm I mean girl friend. We all know the type. Nags who go around with a sense of entitlement, who act as if someone owes them a living. And the last thing I'd want is to bring some pest who acts like the world owes them everything; into a house, expecting to have a credit card made available to them. I think the term which would apply in all such cases would be "gold digger".

It's bad enough dealing with such, where at least one can fake AFK or whatever; face to face one coudln't do as such. And I'm at the point with everything said and done, where playing "Mr. Nice Guy" in the face of that is not something, I'd have the least bit of interest in doing. Listen up, if I don't know someone and recognize them as a good friend, I'm not going to turn over real world money, anymore then I would some non-existent game gold. I don't "owe" every such person as this, simply because some rather needy people might like hang around those who they think they might "get something from". And if someone was to turn over all their money, time whatever, to those who are simply demanding every last thing they want; no one would ever have anything for themself. If someone is a good friend, and I can recognize them as such, then I don't mind being in a more giving frame of mind. For a good friend, I don't mind helping them out. But as to the leeches of society, wherever I might find them, who act as if everyone owes them, I'm simply comming to the point of not wanting to entertain this sorta thing anymore....

It's bad enough to run into people like that in some game. In real life, and throw the naging, and the sense of "but I want to control people's lives and change them into the sort of person I think they should be" into the mix, and good gawd no thanks.

And no, I won't say it's just girl friends either. One of my sisters finally divorced one of those dead beats who for like 15 or more years sat around home doing nothing as she had to hold down 3 jobs, and barely got 5 hours sleep a day. Came home, to then have to take care of house and raise the kids, as he wouldn't even lift a finger. After she finally gave him his walking papers, he turned around to their eldest son, and started begging him for money at a time he was trying to buy a house and make a life for him; all to ready to try to live as a leech, off his own son as well. Chances are, and with that out of the way, comes the next entrant to the wellfare roles, where everyone's tax dollars get to support him now...
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