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Default Re: I am getting so tired of pests online

I think BGs are probably more satisfying for horde, then ali That said, I knew someone who rolled horde on Barthilas, and have since done the same. My main on Aman'Thul is in the same battlegroup. I think going and dealing with some of the wankers would be surprisingly satisfying.

Used to be the alliance could at least hold their own in AV, though in WSG and AB, they seemed more interested in jumping in the middle and zerging honor, to bother with things like capping the flag Go to help someone, and they turn tail and run away; but of course because someone helped them the horde ignores the zerger who turns tail and gives special attention to the one who would bother helping anyone with anything; or show the slightest inclination to team work.

Then measures were taken to elliminate AFKers, and by and by the horde has learned they can win AV. What does the ali seem to do? They found ways around being AFK booted by jumping every minute or 2, and I've been in BGs where as many as 26 people don't even bother doing anything but jump every couple minutes. Oh, and today not even bothering to cap towers, I got a whole whopping 11 honor on a double AV honor weekend by the time I was done with a BG. Ridiculous; that's just not even enough honor to be worth the time spent in there.

I swear, sometimes it seems like it would be a pleasant idea to get this (now lvl 25 alt) on Barthilas lvled a little; and go in and help with some of the ownage the horde gives to the people my main ends up BGing with. Hell I'd probably recognize some of the names too; but tbh, it grows old eventually to get utterly ganked, only to find one's own "team mates" running around willy nilly, too interested in trying to solo farm honor; to ever bother working together with anyone, for any objective.
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