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Exclamation Crysis (retail) bugs!

I've been playing Crysis in Vista 64bit, DX9 (tweaked) and have come accross some strange problems. First or all, running Fraps makes the game jerky as hell. I've only just noticed this, but as soon is I turn it off the game goes very smooth, but that's not the real problem....

The problem is, i'm on the part, early on in the game, where you have to blow up the tanks. I've done this, no probs, but whan the tanks are destroyed it's supposed to move on to the next point of the mission. Instead, I get some strange blocks appearing (see pics) and the game doesn't move on. Psycho just stays in that room with the woman he's supposed to be extracting.

Another odd thing is when I shot at the second tank it slowly raised in to the air, about 100ft up, spinning around slowly. But before I got chance to take a screenshot of it, it killed me

Anyway, here are the shots. Notice all the enemys have been killed (look at the map) but Psycho is still in the room with the woman.

Attachment 29174

Attachment 29175

When I first saw this car with a block in the middle of it I thought it would be a good idea to shoot it. When I did the car started shaking like crazy and making a awful noise. After about 30 seconds the car jumped out of the block and landed next to it (see second pic) and the noise stopped.

Has anyone else had a problem like this??

I've been playing the game in XP too and have got much further without problems, so i'm just gonna copy the game save over to Vista.

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