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Default GeForce 8500GT (512 MB) wide screen VESA modes

Does anyone know how to get widescreen vesa modes with this card?

I am running linux and I use mainly the console under framebuffer.

The card was fine with my old 4:3 aspect ratio monitor. I have now a 22inch 16:10 wide monitor and I cannot get the card to give the 1680x1050 resolution which is the monitors native mode. The 4:3 modes (like 1280x1024) look awful.

btw. X windows run perfectly at resolution 1680x1050.

Googling and reading reveals that unless the card's bios provides the modes I can't have them. Probing the card with tools such as hwinfo shows only 4:3 modes (320x200 right up to 1600x1200) but none for other aspect ratios (eg 1280x800 or 1680x1050)

Thank you in advance for any info or pointers to solving this problem
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