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Default Re: What is the best CFG setting to use with a 8800 GT?

Originally Posted by Greg
Any idea what causes those slowdowns, or what settings help reduce it, without too much compromise?

I've found a couple of sections so far which turn into a slide show for no apparent reason. Move or look away, and all is good again. Oh yea, and don't cut down a whole forest with a mounted gun, that is sure to slow things to a halt
Motion blur I notice tends to drag down the framerate a bit. Some people say it smooths it out, which may be true, but in benchmarks numerically I find the framerate is lower with it on. Also some of the later levels tend to run not as good as the earlier levels. For instance, the snow level tends to run slower (maybe from all the particles?). The VTOL level for me tended to run a little slow too and made it a bit hard to control the vehicle. Dropping shaders to medium helped that out though. And then finally the carrier level is the worst when you're out on deck fighting the first alien boss.
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