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Default Re: Finally, 3GHz!!! lol

Originally Posted by Redeemed
Though I'm curious, what voltage would you gusy recommend I use for 2.8? Right now I'm at 1.425- could I bring it down to maybe 1.00 and still have enough juice?

Whats up with those temps? I overclocked my friends opty 175 to 3ghz and using the stock cooler he is idling at 32c and loading at 55c under prime 95 for 8hrs. I also didnt have to raise his voltage any at all, he has a great chip!

The only way to find out how much vcore you will need for any given overclock is to stress test your CPU with Prime 95 using SMALL FFT's. REMEMBER, SMALL FFT'S.

Dont just overclock without stress testing, its not a good idea and could lead to a corrupted OS.
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