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Default Availability of levels

That's a nicer way of saying unlocking all levels. But since there are posts about console commands and tweaks I figure it's ok to ask. I am playing the game, in the 2nd level. I find it fun to keep up with the squad then suddenly run into nasty surprises. But I'm curious about console commands or in this case probably a trainer. One was written for FarCry level unlocks. If anyone could help.

May as well ask about key binding in cfg files. Any code for it? Some like to be able to flip the Hud on and off with a key like a toggle. Or two binded keys, one for on, one for off. Would apply to lots of other stuff of course like toggling the weapon more quickly instead of changing to the fists and waiting for the fists to withdraw. And toggling rendering modes and so on. All of that was done in FarCry in .lua files for one way like I did from forum info. I don't know if it can be done in Crysis cfg files though.
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