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Default Overclocking the 6800GT...

Hi People,
I have a good old trusty XFX 6800GT that now barely "pulls" in modern games. So the time is now to OC it and hope for the best.
I replaced the old and faulty fan with an Accelero X1 - and now the card idles at 55c and reaches 65C at load while running (425/1050)!

Anythign higher than 425 - Core and I start seeing artefacts. However the low temps, suggest there could still be room for improvement. I'm wondering if the card is running out of juice and if I shoudl bump the voltage, it's currently 1.60 I can do 1.65 in my Mobo's (AV8-3rd eye) bios.

Another thing which may be affecting stability is the fact I OCed my CPU - an A64 +3000 @ 2475 - it results in the AGP bus running at 68Mhz, and I could potentially get it to 70Mhz

Please share your thoughts,

Sorry for the double post...

Many thanks,
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