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Default Re: Finally, 3GHz!!! lol

Originally Posted by Redeemed
I don't know why nor how, but for some reason my vcore got stuck at 1.425. Even at "stock" settings, it was still running at 1.425. Hence why my temps have been so high all along. Well, while tinkering with BIOS settings the other night, I tried dropping the vcore by .1 volts. It sorta stuck. In the BIOS it is set to 1.325, but CPU-z reports 1.36v. I might try dropping it a bit lower. Haven't done any realy stress testing other than Oblivion last night. Which was *really* wierd. I haven't played the game in a while, and since the last time I had played it I have updated my drivers and dl'd some new hotfixes for Vista... but at 1680x1050, 4xAA, 16xAF, GCAA, TMSAA, and all in-game options maxed I was never getting below 45fps- ANYWHERE!!! Now not too long ago we had a huge thread comparing the 8800s to the 2900 and Oblivion was the main game used... in that thread even GTX owners didn't fare so well... so I'm thinking that the newer drivers and hotfixes might have done something to aide in my incredible FPS boost- also I might not have been in really stressful areas, though before while outdoors my FPS would drop to the 30s or a bit lower sometimes. And now, same settings, never below 45fps I bull**** you not.

Yeah, I'm happy.

Though my rig is doing something wierd... in HL2 I got to the part where you're in the buggy and that gunship is chasing you. You jump that fallen bridge and get to the part where the road is cluttered with old cars and you have to get out of the buggy and shoot the gunship down with your rocket launcher. Before my computer literally blew through that section at 60fps+. Now for some reason, as soon as I got out of my buggy my fps tanked and I'm getting 1-3fps at best. I've even tried disabling all unnecessary services, lowering the graphics settings, restarting- everything *but* undoing my OC. I find it hard to believe that my OC has anything to do with this as Oblivion is playing better than it ever has, and that puts far more stress on my rig than HL2 ever could. Anybody have any ideas?
Ok first thing you should know. Playing a game such as Oblivion is not gonna cut it for stress testing as it will not be pushing the cores nearly hard enough.

I cannot stress the importance to you enough about why you should run P95 with SMALL FFT's for at least 6hrs no errors.

Next thing is I believe you about Oblivion, I also have Vista 64 with all the patches, hotfixes and Nvidias latest betas. The game absolutely flys on my computer now as compared to how it was before.

Next in regards to Half Life 2 I have no issues with my rig overclocked when playing that game, its actually a whole lot faster. If your having trouble with that game it could be the sign of an unstable overclock or a corrupted OS because you have not stressed tested your Overclock with P95 to check for stability.
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