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Default Re: Finally, 3GHz!!! lol

Originally Posted by GeeeEighty
Make sure you downloaded this version of P95-

Otherwise you will only be stressing one core instead of two.

Also, make sure to run P95 with the SMALL FFT's Program, you will see it. This stresses the CPU the best and is recommended when testing CPU for max stability.

Next, Keep an eye on the temps when you do this!

With adequate case airflow there is no reason why you cant hit 3ghz stable with good temps. My friends Opty 175 did it with ease.
Well, that is the version I got. So far it is doing great. Been running for near 10 minutes now. I'll just let it run for now, I can still use my computer without it slowing down any- so long as I don't try gaming. So far, no errors though. And my temp hasn't peaked above 50*C yet. But remember- I don't have *any* exhaust fans yet. They're on their way.
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