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Default Re: Crysis (retail) bugs!

Quite a few times in a row I had Prophet sit down just outside of the heat source radius (when he needs to stay close to fires because his suit is malfunctioning). So he's stand roughly 3ft outside of the radius of the fire and just scream for help, asking me to take him to a heat source or he'll die... No amount of moving around or anything made him get close enough, so he just kept freezing... Poor bugger.

I've had a tank spin around on the spot ultra-fast sometimes and just kill me. Usually happens when I try and stick a remote explosive on / near it.

During the mission where you're defending those AA units while that massive walker comes down the valley at you (the part where Strickland cops it), the walker just shot up into the air, spun around a few times, stretched like crazy all over the sky (like a broken ragdoll or something) then flew down halfway through the ground before resetting back to where it should be.

I also once saw an enemy fly through the sky. I think he glitched on something (this game has terrible physics, things often go flying or I get killed simply by touching something).
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