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Default Re: Finally, 3GHz!!! lol

Originally Posted by Redeemed
Xion, do you realise the case I have? The front intake is a whopping 140mm, and the side intake is a massive 250mm. I still got good airflow buddy.

Though the new fans should be here this week. Got two of these that same night I started OC'ing this rig. I'd imagine these'll knock 5*C off under load. And for clarification- this is my current rig:

As stated in my sig, I'm doing some "surgical enhancements" to my system. I'll post pics once they're done.

Yeah but you still need a good exhaust fan to pull out all the hot air that is just circling around inside your case from those massive intake fans.

Sucking a bunch of air into a case with nothing to pull it out is not gonna be effective cooling. If anything it will make it worse.
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