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Default Re: Finally, 3GHz!!! lol

Originally Posted by Redeemed
I know, though a lot of that air should escape out the rear exhaust "ports" (not sure what else to call 'em). Though you are right, some of that hot are is just getting bounced around in here. Hence why I order those two fans. They'll probably be here in about 3 days I think.

Oh, and so far Prim95 has not found any errors, I'm even jamming some tunes using WMP11 right now- CPU usage hasn't gone about 80% yet, and temps are staying in the low 50s. I'm expecting that these two fans should make it so I don't break much above 45*C under load. Atleast, I can hope.
Prime95 isn't working right if your CPU usage isn't going above 80%. Running other apps will actually work against it too since they are far less intensive than Prime95 and will hog its CPU time.

Use Orthos to make sure you're fully testing both cores:

Those are pretty good temps though. If they don't change much under 100% load you'll be in a good shape.
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