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Default Re: Finally, 3GHz!!! lol

Originally Posted by CaptNKILL
Orthos is an alternative to Prime95.

By default, Prime95 is only a single core benchmark\stress tester. You have to mess with affinity settings to get it to utilize two cores. Orthos tests as many cores as you have available. It basically does the same thing, it just works better for multiple cores or CPUs.

Thats not true with the latest version of P95 as it stresses both cores without having to set the affinity. I use for my quad core and it automatically loads all 4 cores.

The reason his CPU is only showing 80% load is probably because he still isnt running the SMALL FFT's test like I have mentioned about 3-4 times now. lol. Or he is running an older version of P95.

You have to run small fft's Redeemed in order for both cores to hit 100% load.

Uninstall Prime 95 and then download from that Link I provided for you.
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