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Default Re: New feisty 64bit install causes nvidia card failure

i have just had a similar experience. installed x86-100.14.19 on a ubuntu dual CPU machine (2.6.15-29-686 SMP) with a GeForce 6600 that has been running fine for 3 years. the result was disasterous.

previously, i had driver version 1.0-9625 running. however, last Fri, X started to misbehave (random crashes after only a few minutes). so, i thought a driver update would be in order. the update went through fine, but the gdm restart crashed the machine. after that, it would not display anything at all when powered on, not even bios messages. i have two screens connected to the card, one to the analog, the other to the digital output. neither would receive a signal.

luckily, i have spares of the same card. inserting a spare brought back the usual boot display messages and ubuntu boot menu. have now reinstalled 1.0-9625 and will soon find out if that prevents the same from happening again.

i dare not try generating nvidia-bug-report.log. in fact, it's unlikely that i could given that both X and OS seem to crash (no remote connectivity via ssh).

if there is anything else i can do to help troubleshooting this without endangering another piece of hardware, please let me know. i will happily sent the apparently broken card to Nvidia for inspection.
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